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Rooted Remedies

As a modern homeopathic dispensary, Rooted Remedies was created to help fill the need for more access to homeopathic remedies catered towards complex cases.

Rooted Remedies carries two different lines:

The first line is for certified Practitioners and includes nosodes, isodes and other higher potency remedies. 

The second line consists of supportive products that are available for home use.

Meet Kristy

The founder of Rooted Remedies, Kristy, has been working as a holistic health practitioner for over eight years. In 2019, she began to learn about homeopathy when she and her daughter were struggling with health issues of their own. It was utilizing these unique remedies that they both began to notice improvements in healing. Since then, Kristy has continued her education. With 20+ courses (not limited to homeopathy) under her belt and counting, her primary focus is working with those with complex cases such as PANS/PANDAS, Autism, chronic Lyme Disease and more.  When she is not working behind the scenes with Rooted Remedies, Kristy is running scans for her other company, Rooted in Wellness Co, a virtual bio-energetic practice that works with complex cases.


“My 4-year-old was complaining of feeling hot and tired and achy. I tried ABC+ and within a few minutes she started feeling better. I gave her more over the next several hours and she did not worsen. Wow! I will keep this in my first aid bag.”

“Tantrum Tamer has been such a gift for my family. My 5-year old has been dealing with temper tantrums and meltdowns for years. Nothing has worked so far, so I decided to give Tantrum Tamer a try. The first time she took it, she instantly calmed down and was able to play with her toys by herself in her room. She would have never done that before. I’m noticing less eruption and less aggression. I’m so thankful.”

“Terror Tamer really works, thank you! We’ve had a few nights where she would wake up from a bad dream. She’s gone right back to sleep after taking it! Usually it’s a long progress.”